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Google being the top company in providing the internet-based services, is meticulous about the security of its users. Knowing the world-wide-web since its inception, Google aims to provide a secure environment to its users. Gmail for work app makes it important to have security features in place. Hence, it is imperative that a person using Gmail for work activates the two-step verification. Its is an easy procedure but, given the features that are added to Gmail with each update, one may get confused. On such an occasion, consult a third party Gmail customer service personnel.

What is Google two-step verification?
This procedure ensures that one adds a second layer of security when accessing Gmail. You can choose a mode of adding this security. It can be a phone verification via the app or the security code, or use of a security key. Hence, a person who steals your password is still in need of the security key or the security code sent to the mobile. This means, whenever you log in you will have to use the security code/key after entering the password. Also, the verification codes sent to your mobile are valid for once. So each login communicates a new security code to the user on his/her mobile with a phone call or message. Alternately, one can use the authenticator apps which work when the data/connectivity is absent. Getting started with feature may seem a difficult task at times. One can seek help from the third-party Gmail customer service personnel from their Gmail customer support phone number.

Gmail support number How to Turn On/Off two-step verification?
Turning it ON:    Once a person clicks the ‘Get Started’ link from the Google accounts website, he/she is directed to a page confirming the phone number of the user and asks him/her to choose the mode through which the codes need to be communicated. A user can choose to send it in the form of a text message or a voice call. After confirming that it works, a user is given the link to activate the two-step verification process. If a user is satisfied with this mode he/she can simply click the ”TURN ON” link on the page. Henceforth, every time a user logs in, a security code is messaged to the phone.
Turning it OFF:    To turn this security feature off, one must go to the My Account page and click on Sign-in &security. Provide the login credentials as per set features and turn off the 2-step verification.
The process of turning this feature off/on is far easier. But at any point, if one is clueless about how to proceed, simply call the third party Gmail customer support phone number and get ready guidance.

gmail verification codeAdding and Revoking App passwords
Adding App Passwords:    App passwords are required whenever accessing Gmail via a device gives an error after turning 2-step verification on. Setting the app password helps solve this problem. The errors are generated because the verification feature may not work for devices like the iPhone. Hence, authorising the app to access Gmail helps solve this issue. To add an app password, one must click on the ‘My account’ button, then go to Sign-in & security page, and find the App passwords link. The apps which are used to access the Gmail are listed here. Choose the app and the device with care and generate the app password. Once the app password is entered into the device click Done to conclude the process.
Revoking App passwords:    Use of App passwords may give sign-in errors in case you turn off the 2-step verification. In such a case, you will have to revoke the app password set up when you turned on the verification process. To revoke the password, one may have to access the app passwords links from the ‘My accounts’, Sign-in & security page. Choose the app you want to remove the password and click on Revoke password. Once the password is void, you will require sign in using the username and password prior to turning 2-step verification ON. In case you find it difficult at any stage, call the third party Gmail customer service support team for assistance.

Gmail customer support Using printed verification codes:    When your phone is unavailable, and you need to access the security codes, you may use the backup codes which were downloaded earlier. This feature allows one to get a printout of the one-time verification codes as back up.

Do’s and Don’t’s for Google two-step verification:

  • Do feed the backup phone numbers in the Gmail account settings in order to send back up codes whenever the primary phone is stolen.
  • If the phone is stolen, do revoke the passwords by signing from a trusted computer.
  • Do not retrieve codes via voice call. In case you were unable to take the call, the voice call is recorded in voice mail which requires you to use the very codes you want to access.
  • Do not be irresponsible with the print out of back up codes.

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