Browser Customer Support Services

Browsers on the computers are now crucial tools for searching data and information on the world wide web. With many work tools and apps in place, everything is now connected to the Internet and shared in real time. This sharing and constant communication are made possible via the browsers installed in a smartphone or smart device or the computers. The popular choices for browsers include Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari to name a few.

While all the browsers have their own set of advantages and faults, a user who works in many browsers on daily basis may find it annoying if issues creep up and freeze all business communication for some time. This delay may sometimes affect important business deals. The issues with browsers need to be addressed in the appropriate forums and waited for a reply. There are also many bloggers who provide quick fix solutions in their blogs. Most of the issues can be fixed with a change of the settings in the browsers. If one cannot spare so much time searching for the issues and its solutions online, a user may utilise third-party browser support services. Listed below are few popular browsers and simple issues which can be tackled by a user on his/her own.

Common Chrome Issues: The most common issue with Chrome is frozen window and tab(s). This problem won't let a user close the tab causing this issue. In such a scenario, a user can wait until the chrome decides that this tab has become unresponsive and opens a dialogue box asking to kill it or wait. In case the chrome browser has frozen and no such dialogue box appears, a user can access the Chrome Task Manager and kill the web page which has caused this issue. To access the Chrome Task Manager, press Shift+Esc. The rest of the job is to identify which page is causing this freeze and end the process.

Sometimes, too many data in the cache may cause the chrome to load slowly or take forever to load. One can clear the browsing history at regular intervals and get rid of this problem. If there are issues even after clearing browsing data, ensure that there are no pending or missed updates for Chrome. Most of the Chrome issues are fixed when it is up to date, as the bug fixes are in place after the update. In case, there are issues even after modifying the configuration settings appropriately, a user may have to start a discussion thread in the product forums or help centre with detailed information of the OS, antivirus definitions installed, etc., and wait for a response.

Common Mozilla Issues: Although Mozilla is a safer explorer, it is not resistant from Malware attacks. Also, certain extensions installed may interfere with the efficiency of the browser. When a plug-in crashes, it may cause issues with the working of the browser. The common error when accessing webpages on Mozilla displays an error message with Error Code:

SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER. This error arises when the website accessed uses a security certificate which is provided by an unknown issuer. One has to ensure that Antivirus security products are secured in place which takes care of malware listeners. This error is displayed when Mozilla suspects that the system or network is being intercepted and certificates are being added. This can be caused by malware listening and replacement of legitimate certificates from a website. This error message can be removed by lowering the antivirus setting shield or unchecking the scan of SSL certificates.

Common Issues with the Internet Explorer: The main issue with IE is the slow or unresponsive browser which crashes altogether after some time. This may be caused due to the add-ons in the browser, or extensions installed in it. It is best to remove all add-ons and disable all extensions and toolbars for a faster browsing experience. To do so, one may have to run commands in the command prompt. Contact our third-party browser support team for guidance in clearing the add-ons, plug-ins, extensions and toolbars.

Common issues with Safari: Safari is the popular web browser for Apple devices and Mac OS running systems. The common issue faced with Safari users includes inaccessible pages, oddly displayed web pages, pop-up notifications, warnings, slow or unresponsive webpage, etc., to name a few. This problem can be solved by resetting browser data. Just click on the Reset Safari from the drop down menu on Safari and click on the Reset button in the dialogue box. Alternately if one is experiencing issues due to plug-ins or add-ons in the browser, a user can choose to remove them from the /Library folder. Search the folder from the Finder and the add-on files and move them to Trash. This removal should be done carefully without removing default plug-in data which affects the browser working. Call our third-party support team for browser issues for safer guidance.