GMX Mail Customer Support Number

GMX mail gives the users the Outlook mail environment on the outset. Since the emails are easily accessed and sorted into folders just like the Outlook mail, GMX mail is the most popular choice for business communication coming next to Google mail. People who are wary of the stringent security measures taken by Google may find GMX mail a better alternative. So do the spammers on the Internet, in the search of the easy to hack into email accounts. If you are sending sensitive financial data via GMX mail, it is good to take appropriate security measures to ensure the mail is safe and not hacked into by spammers.

Although GMX mail locks out the account upon numerous unsuccessful attempts to log into the mail, a prudent user with GMX mail should ensure he/she uses a strong password and updates the recovery communication options whenever there is a change in it. Although convenient, GMX mail has its share of inconvenience when it comes to mail delivery failure, GMX mail downtimes and being locked out of one's own account. During these times, one should contact GMX customer service executive via mail, chat, or at the GMX Help Central or Help Community forum. GMX being a communication giant, is too busy to offer a customer support executive on call over a toll-free number. During the times of emergency, you can call our third-party GMX customer support number for further assistance. Listed below are few common issues and measures required to be taken by the GMX mail user.

Invalid ID or Password Message is shown after providing correct login credentials: This error indicates two things, you have either changed the password recently and have forgotten all about it. Or, your GMX mail account is hacked. In the later case, it is better to take stringent measures and login to your account via ''Sign-in Helper'' link. Review the account information and check if any of the important recovery options has been changed. Check the recent activity page to confirm account being hacked. Even if there was no login error, but the activity page shows unrecognised login times and locations, then it is an indication that account was hacked. The user should immediately change the password for a strong one.

You are locked out of your account: GMX mail locks the user account for a period of 12 hours when it senses too many unsuccessful login attempts. This ensures that spammers cannot hack into your account for some time. When you are displayed the ''Account Locked'' message it is best to use the Sign-in helper link to access the account and review it for symptoms of hacking. Unusual login activity indicates that account was hacked.

Difficulty logging in, with right password: Sometimes, issues with the browser may cause difficulties in signing in. Certain other settings of the browser or unsupportive browser may be the cause of the problem. It is recommended to install the supported browser and access GMX mail in it. When all is right and there is difficulty in accessing GMX mail, choose the 'contact us' help link and send a detailed mail describing the problem along with the information pertaining to the OS, browser, updates if any installed, etc. When you are in need of quick assistance, call our third-party GMX customer service number to identify the problem and sort it out at the earliest.

Sign-in from a new Device: When you are accessing GMX mail from a new unknown device, GMX checks to authenticate your login. You will be asked to provide the code sent to your secondary email address (or to the mobile number provided in the account recovery section). Choose the appropriate method to receive the code and continue. After receiving the code, fill it when prompted after signing-in and continue to GMX mail. To make this more secure, it is recommended to change the password once you are done logging into the new device. This helps secure the account more strongly. When in

doubt about the recovery options during the account authentication phase, you can contact our GMX mail customer service for guidance on phone.

Spam mail being sent from your Account: This is a sure sign that your account has been hacked. If you are able to login to your account, it is recommended that you change the password to a strong one immediately. Or if you have an android smartphone/tablet/iOS device you can use the GMX apps to install the Account key for logins. This will remove the need to use passwords for logging in. Once the user activates this feature by changing the ''Account Security'' settings, he/she is notified on phone/device for further access to the mail. This security feature has a great advantage as long as the user does not lose his/her phone/device. When in doubt call our third party GMX customer service number for quick assistance.