Printer Customer Support Helpline Number

Printers at workplace or at home are an important necessity. A malfunctioning printer may cause delay at the workplace or inconveniences at home front. Even though one takes care to install the best printers available in the market, there are simple configuration mistakes which end up interfering with the printer functioning. It can be that the computer or smart device may have forgotten the printer or the connection mode of the printer with the internet may be chosen in a wrong manner.

The first and foremost thing to do when in trouble is to restart the devices in a network and check with a new print. There are many diagnostics tools available on the internet for free but when one is running short on time and in need of quick help, seeking a third-party support team which can handle different printers like Canon, HP, Dell, Asus, etc., may be hired. Alternately one can also spend time on the company websites and study the printer manuals and trouble shooting guides to solve the printer issues on their own.

Canon Printer Installation and Troubleshooting: Canon printers come with the installation CDs which guide through the installation process and make the set up an easy process. When one is choosing the internet connectivity he/she should be careful to check if the printer is connected to the device via a USB connection or on the network through a router connection. In the former case one should choose the USB Connection in the Connection Method system, in the latter, the Network Connection is the choice. The basic steps to troubleshoot the Canon printers requires a person to check if the printer indication lights are visible. Check if the power cord is not loose, try restarting the printer and the device to ensure that the laptop or computer is still recognising the printer. If this does not work try uninstalling the Canon software and reinstall it again, or download the latest drivers for the printer. One can also choose from the properties of the printer and click ''Test Alignment/Clean Print Heads''. Once the alignment is complete test the printer with a new print. Even after all this, the printer is not working, you can contact Canon and report the issue. Or, you can contact our third-party printer support team for guidance over the phone.

HP Printer Installation and Troubleshooting: HP customers can download the printer drivers from the HP website, by providing the right model number of printer and OS installed on the computer. Once the right software is downloaded run the setup file. The setup wizard guides the printer installation process. Choose the internet connectivity option carefully. Sometimes, the wireless connectivity is detected automatically, in other cases, one may have to make this choice manually. During troubleshooting, if restarting the printers, software uninstall and install does not work with a malfunctioning HP printer, one can search the HP support forum for documents to troubleshoot. Else, call our third-party printer support team on a toll-free number.

Samsung Printer Installation and Troubleshooting: Samsung customers may easily download and installer or use the installation CD to continue with the installation process. Unless one has chosen a wireless printer, there are no additional settings to be mentioned during the installation process. For troubles like printer job staying in the queue and not getting printed, one should check if the printer is connected via a USB cable, if so, the printer port setting need to be changed to the USB port. Other issues with the printer which are not tackled with resetting the port, restarting the printer and computer, etc., may have to be reported at the Samsung support website.

Dell Printer Installation and Troubleshooting: Dell printer driver installer available at the website guides the user through the installation process. A user needs to add the printer when installing on Mac OS by choosing the System Preferences option from the drop down menu. When it comes to troubleshooting the Dell printers, one can follow the standard procedure of restarting both the printer and computer connected via USB cable. Remove the power cord and plug it in after 30 seconds to check if the printer is working normally. Check if the current drivers are obsolete or do not support Dell printers. Uninstall any older printer drivers and download latest version of drivers. In case, the issue is persistent you can search from the library of support files from the Dell website or call out third-party printer support team to handle it adeptly.

Asus printer: Like with all the printers, Asus also provides latest printer drivers, which help in the easy install of the printers. If troubleshooting with standard procedure does not solve the issue, contact the Asus representative from the website or choose our third-party support team for quick assistance over printer troubles.